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Digital Business Made Easy

In today’s noisy and distracting marketplace where it’s hard to get your customers’ attention, we help women entrepreneurs build their digital businesses and clarify their marketing message with simple and effective frameworks that jumpstart, grow and scale their businesses.

Clear and simple works… every time

Often there is the temptation to throw everything but the kitchen sink into a business’ marketing message, onto its website, and inside its social posts, hoping people will find something that will encourage them to engage and even buy.

This “kitchen sink” messaging used to work, but not any more. Visitors no longer have the patience to wade through pages and pages of a website or social posts looking for something that interests them, especially if they are on a mobile phone. They just get annoyed…frustrated…and leave…within seconds.

So, let’s start to think about grabbing your customer’s attention much like you would approach catching fish…(stay with me here – I don’t fish, but the analogy works and is easy to understand).

Let SmartMarketeerz be your guide

Whether you want to start your own digital or digital marketing business, scale your existing business or overhaul your marketing message for any type of business, SmartMarketeerz can help. We’ll give you simple frameworks and tools to clarify your message targeted to your ideal customers in the places they hang out, all the while nurturing those relationships and turning your customers into raving fans. No prior marketing experience or technical knowledge is required because we always strive to Keep ISuper Simple (KISS)!

Get Started

If you’re looking to start a business in high demand, then digital marketing is the business for you. Demand has exploded over the past few years, and I show you the quickest way to get you started now.


 Discover high ticket products that you can promote, including digital products, and the most effective ways to promote them for free using social media channels, your website, landing pages and email.


Leverage the technology and tools that are available to automate  your business, creating systems and processes that work for you to eliminate the tedious manual work that wastes time and money.


Maybe you have a digital marketing business that you want to scale, or maybe even broaden the services you crrently provide customers. Check out the step-by-step blueprints to show you how.

Susan Smith with Bella and Indy

Why SmartMarketeerz was created

Susan Smith, a passionate and experienced digital marketer, created SmartMarketeerz with the goal of helping women balance their careers and family life. With a background in both corporate and small business, Susan is committed to being a dedicated mentor, leading women through the online world and providing the tools and support needed to build successful digital businesses and achieve the freedom, control, and flexibility they desire.

“To help women build their own businesses and gain the flexibility, control, and freedom they deserve.”

Susan’s passion for helping women shines through, rooted in her own experiences and an appreciation for what truly matters in life. Let her be your support as you navigate your own path to career success.

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